Ask yourself: Am I happy? You owe it to yourself.

I am quitting my job even without a prospect of another job because I am not happy anymore. Actually, “not happy” is an understatement, I am emotionally suffering from my job. I don’t like it. Do I know what exactly I like? Unfortunately not, but definitely not this.

Surprisingly, when I relayed this to my parents. They were bit of disappointed having a daughter who have such rash or irrational behavior. But they failed to ask me one thing. Am I happy? When I subsequently relayed a job I applied for, my father somehow downplayed the job. Yes, credit analyst might a more on clerical job for some companies but being credit analyst in one of the biggest bank would definitely need more analysis. He failed to ask me, will I be happy?  He advises me to stay in my current job and work to be promoted. He failed to ask, do I even want to be promoted? Will I be happy doing that?

Sometimes, those who hinder you to find your happiness are those who are most concerned about you. Parents have the instinct to protect their children. In this case, they perceive the risk and pain of temporary unemployment in case I will not be able to find a job on my effectivity date. My father gave me that advise to aim for promotion because that is his definition of success – climbing the corporate ladder. He only worked for one company and stayed for more than 25 years.

Life will always be busy and if you don’t ask yourself from time to time – Am I happy? You will go through life and one day wake-up surprised. Your life has passed yet you are not happy because you failed to ask yourself.

When you are fill of inspiration, e-mail your future self if your are happy. Provide yourself words of encouragement to push yourself to pursue happiness. Because only you can find it.

Are you happy? Or are you currently working on your happiness? What are the things that you would like to do? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below. 


2 thoughts on “Ask yourself: Am I happy? You owe it to yourself.

  1. Happiness is inner state of mind and soul. No outer force can change it. I will save you some time – stop looking for happiness outside, start looking for it inside. Make a decision, become, learn the skill of life. While it is true, that some jobs are more suited for some people and it weights in whether you support the cause of the job or not – happiness comes from inside. No job will change it. The question shouldn’t be – “Does it make me happy?” rather than “How do I plant happiness within myself?” If you are happy as you are, doesn’t matter what you do, where you are and how good or bad the times are – you will be able to find the happiness within and bring it outwards to share with the world and make it a better place.



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    1. Hi Valts,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that hapiness comes from within. However, I believe that what you do affects your happiness. I think it is an interaction of your inner and outer being.


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