You Are Not That Special And That’s Great!

Millenials were brought with much love and the belief that they are special. Different from anybody else. One of a kind. Yes that’s also my story. But it made me miserable for sometime. Oh, okay misery is an exaggeration. The point is clinging to this belief provided me some difficulty. By believing to be unique as I had different interest from my peers back in elementary and high school, I was purposely distant to my classmates. I rarely hang out with them after school. Such was also the norm during my university years and five years of my working life. I have come to accept early on that no one within my immediate reach is someone like me. I am special and have unique interest.

Until one day, I became dreadfully bored. It’s kinda hard to sustain your excitement when you geek out by yourself. So I have decided to go on an adventure. As I have mentioned, growing up I was kind of an anti-social so adventure in my case is finding new people to be acquainted with. I attend a free event about how build your own start-up and boom! It was like an epiphany. I immediately came to realize “Oh My God! My tribe exists! These are the people I want to be with!” Yeah I am not that special pfft to that. I FOUND MY TRIBE!

After that discovering a whole new world, I actively search for other groups with the same interest that I have. Currently, I am attending a bi-monthly coding study group.

Have you find your tribe already? How did you find it? Feel free to share below as others may still be trying to find theirs.

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