Naive Ate Learns

In this blog, Naïve Ate Learns, I will share to you my experiences (some cringeworthy) and the corresponding learnings (some basic stuff but no one tells you) I obtained from them.

My naivete comes from my learning bias having been so focused on academic or school based learning to appoint that I almost always need definition for everything to absorb something. I need to read it to learn it or I need to be in the “learning” mode to learn it.

Ate is a Filipino term for big sister. I hope to be an ate to those who have just finished school and is learning the ropes of life. I have not yet totally figured out mine but I will share with you lessons I learned mostly from personal experience, for you to have a better course of action once you encounter such. I am open to any of your queries. I will try as much as possible to address questions raised especially those you are afraid or shy to ask in person.

So what do you like to know? Feel free to leave a message below.


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